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  1. Faux Pas, glass, variable dimensions, 2019

  2. Rituals and Traditions are crucial to unifying a group or nation and every country has them. From anthems to pledges of allegiance to colour guards and uniforms. For Faux Pas, Sanne Vaassen has studied and examined the rituals of the ceremonial military exercises. The performance of the guards choreography when raising a flag, guarding a building or weapon inspections result in repetitive motions that are mimicked. These exercises have been translated, the actions into motions for the glass blower and the resultant molten glass, an emblem of futility. Military exercise converted into a small object of desire. The glass pieces are results of Vaassen’s interpreting rifles ceremonies for the glass blower to follow.

  3. Rifle ceremony of India

  4. Rifle ceremony of France

  5. Rifle ceremony of Hungary

  6. Rifle ceremony of China

  7. Rifle ceremony of USA

  8. Rifle ceremony of Denmark

  9. Text written by Stacie McCormick for the solo exhibition Surplus to Purpose (2019) at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, London, UK.