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    The perfume of Mr Eijck returns in the citrus character of the vervain, green herbs and wood (1,2,3).

  2. 4A


    The perfume of Mrs Eijck consists of three modules reflected in the white flowers, the fruit, and the water features (4,5,6).

  3. 7


    A third additional fragrance – an imaginary perfume – was composed, which represents the bond between Mr Eijck, Mrs Eijck, and the garden. The third fragrance’s composition comprises the aroma of the roses, bruised boxwood leaf and damp forest soil (7,8,9).

  4. photos made by Moniek Wegdam

    photos made by Moniek Wegdam

    Visitors are invited to smell the flowers and plants, touch the herbs and leaves, and run their fingers through the earth, and thus be part of the fleeting world of fragrance.

  5. Graphic design by Maarten Kanters