weaver: Melanie Venes



weaver: Erna Janine

weaver: Rakhee Shenoy

weaver: Laura Woodhouse

weaver: Ali Holloway

weaver: Sandra Gruescu

In yet another investigation of the deconstruction of symbols, Sanne Vaassen turns her attention to the European Union Flag. These flags are reduced to loose threads, which are then given to weavers. They make on their turn a new canvas, according to their private, personal method. This is not only resulting in all kinds of possible sizes and shapes, but is also a celebration of the private visual language, the identity of the weaver. An object that symbolizes a nation and a country, then becomes a platform for an individual, his visual language and his craft.

Flags, European edition, textile, variable dimensions, 2019

Image credits: Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop.

Made possible by Fondskwardraat. Special thanks to Dokkumer Vlaggen Centrale - dvcflags.com

Special thanks to the weavers: Melanie Venes, Rakhee Shenoy, 
Ali Holloway, Sandra Gruescu, Erna Janine and Laura Woodhouse.

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